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- Eliwagar -

Norse Heathen Folk / Folk Rock






Eliwagar was born from an ancient call to my Hyperborean roots in the December of 2006 at the winter solstice.


My inspiration comes from deep within myself, from the times of old, from my spiritual connection to my motherland, to nature and to my ancestors. The beauty of nature is not only to be seen with your eyes, but to be seen with your spirit, this is the moment when both nature and spirit intertwine and the connection between the physical and spiritual realm become one. When you listen to the whispers from the heart of nature, no words can translate this language, it is only to be felt as music and melodies...


Eliwagar's lyrics are inspired by Norwegian Folklore and a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Me and my husband Bjørn Dahl, who is the guitarist of Eliwagar since 2010, live in a farm in the Norwegian mountains where our aim is to be as close as possible to self sufficiency.

We live our life in harmony with the seasons, in harmony with ourselves and with a love for the earth and nature, this provides perfect inspiration.

Both Bjørn and I had to fight to get to where we are today, for our dreams and against whoever tried to take us down for being who we are. We have never felt a part of this world ruled by money and materalism, hypocrisy and false values, where the ancient cultures are dying. Eliwagar's philosophy is to find yourself deep within your soul and embrace this ancestral fire within you that lightens up your way through the darkness and give you strength.


In ancient Scandinavia people used to live in peace and unity, they had pride in who they were and loved their family and folk.

There is a shadow that has been cast over heathenism connecting it with savagery, violence and hate, this is a myth that we wish to dispell.

Heathenism means embracing life and nature and the connection we have with the spiritual world.
Heathenism is being aware and thankful for the gift of nature that gives us life: the food we harvest, the water we drink, the air we breath, the animals we hunt and everything that creates this perfect balance on our dear earth, everything we depend on to survive and must be protected and loved.


Heil og Sæl !

(From old Norse "to good health and happiness")






Vocals, flute, Hardanger fiddle, bowed lyre, mouth harp, cello, langeleik, bukkhorn, shaman drums and drums

Bjørn Dahl:
guitar and bass



Session Musicians:



Roar Ruus Finsås: bass on "Fra Hjertet av Norden" and "Gryningen"


Wargnar: drums on "Gryningen" and "Eliwagar"