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Eliwagar "Heidr" OUT NOW!!!

Digipack / 24 pages booklet with unreleased pictures from Norway and Iceland taken by Runahild.

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Eliwagar "Huldresagn"


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Digipack including 4 stickers

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 Echoes from the northern nature

Runahild of Eliwagar is deeply inspired by the northern nature. She listen to the mysterious whispers from the spirits of nature and the spirit of the ancestors as she let her spirit wander and feel the energies of all that surrounds her. Her heathen folk melodies invite these energies to express themselves through her voice and music.
Her wish is that those energies shall reach the soul of the listener, taking him/her to a journey at the heart of nature.
From her organic farm in the norwegian mountains, she, an old soul, look at how the world has become with sorrow in her heart. Through her music, she looks for the light within the darkness, hoping to show a path leading back to a life in harmony with nature.

On the side of music, to live off the land is something important for Runahild. Nature is where we all find our roots.





Vocals, flute, Hardanger fiddle, guitar, bass, bowed lyre, mouth harp, langeleik, bukkhorn, shaman drums and drums




Session Musicians:



Bjørn Dahl: guitar and bass

Roar Ruus Finsås: bass on "Fra Hjertet av Norden" and "Gryningen"


Wargnar: drums on "Gryningen" and "Eliwagar"