Runahild's side project - Rúnahild

After the release of "I Vølven's Vev", Runahild felt the time came to take a rest from Eliwagar. Her musical inspiration was leading her on new paths therefore she decided to create a side project under her artist name.

While Eliwagar is often about dreaming herself away to a long forgotten past, to the mystical land of Hyperborea which she refers to as her spiritual home, Rúnahild's project takes deeper roots into spiritual experiences from this lifetime.

Her first album Seidgaldr (seid=old Norse type of sorcery, galdr=incantations/spell) takes partly inspiration from different drum circles she has been a part of at several occasions - celebration of the seasons, drum journey, etc - where she experienced how everyone can instantly harmonize to one an other in a very natural and deeply beautiful way. The voices being woven together on drum rythms transcending the soul with a pure feeling of extase, allowing the energies to flow freely within the self, painting landscapes to travel through.

Some songs or elements on Seidgaldr are based on improvised recordings to try to recreate the atmosphere from a drum circle when it is all about letting the energies of the moment guide the artistic work.

The main theme of this album can be described as a journey to the subconscious or to the underworld, to wander through our darkness and shadows to nurture our inner self, to create light from our wounds and to grow higher as we reach deeper.


New Video Out - I Vølven's Vev

I Vølven's Vev Artwork
(by Runahild)

Njardar's Vogn

"Njardar's Vogn" is extract from the album "I Vølven's Vev".

Fully experiencing the storms this autumn and feeling the beautiful dark energies of the rain and the leaves falling down, life returning back to the roots, to Mother Earth, inspired me this song. So I put up together some autumn movies I made to accompagny it.

Dedicated to the goddess Njardar/Nerthus.

"There is a sacred grove on an island in the Ocean, in which there is a consecrated chariot, draped with cloth, where the priest alone may touch. He perceives the presence of the goddess in the innermost shrine and with great reverence escorts her in her chariot, which is drawn by female cattle. There are days of rejoicing then and the countryside celebrates the festival, wherever she designs to visit and to accept hospitality. No one goes to war, no one takes up arms, all objects of iron are locked away, then and only then do they experience peace and quiet, only then do they prize them, until the goddess has had her fill of human society and the priest brings her back to her temple."
- Tacitus writting about the worship of the goddess Nerthus.



Eliwagar "Heidr"

The ninth album of Eliwagar "Heidr" is a journey at the heart of nature. The music evokes memories of a time when we lived in harmony with nature and had closer bound to our roots. Epic and mighty energies are mixed with peaceful and melancholic atmosphere. It invites the spirit to free itself from a dark world. Dance wild and feel the life energy rise. Feel the strong heart pulse of mother earth through the drums beat, and let the elves and the disir, the spirits of the forefathers and foremothers, take you to a mysterious journey in the northern wilderness.

"Heidr" is the name given to a volve (Norse shamanic seeress) in the Norse poem Voluspá. The name means "bright one". A volve is a connection between the spiritual world and us. By singing and drumming together with other women, she can get into a trance and her spirit then travels through the spiritual world to seek knowledge in the deepest places where the innermost light shines.
The primal energy heals and strengthens. It shows the way through the darkness and gives birth to brighter days, like a sunrise after a long winter.








Eliwagar "Heidr" Cover Artwork by Runahild




Eliwagar "Seidr" (Oseberg FullmåneSeremoni)

This is a video gathering some of the pictures taken during the heathen ceremony on the burial mound of Oseberg at the fullmoon in march 2015. Reviving the ancient traditions and strengthening our bounds with the spirits of our foremothers and forefathers and the spirits of nature. A truly inspiring experience, very deep and powerful, that has left an unforgettable memory to everyone present there. Many thanks to Toril Nikolaisen Kilde and Tyr Nielsen for giving us the opportunity to all meet and share this wonderful experience, this is the beginning of a long journey and friendship... The song "Seidr" is the song I chose to sing (a version with just a drum) during the ceremony as everybody was invited to sing a special song if they wished. It is a song about calling the spirits of nature, the elves and the disir, and the ancestors to take us to a journey to their home so we can come back with their energies as gifts back to our world to heal mother nature, heal from the darkness that is cast over our modern world and lead to a future in harmony with nature and ourselves.



New Eliwagar interview for Sword Chant

(revealing exclusive info about upcoming album)


Eliwagar's new album "Huldresagn" will be here the 19th december 2014

Here is the teaser:



New Eliwagar Video
(filmed and produced by Ragnhild Jensen)

"Huldresagn" is from upcoming album of same name that will be out end of december.


Eliwagar Upcoming CD "Huldresagn"



Most of the songs from "Huldresagn" were composed during some hard times Eliwagar had to go through in their personal lives. Those songs are like heathen hymns to kinship and to the sacred bound between individuals, the land they love and the protecting spirits of the ancestors. This bound is what makes us survive all hardship and win every battle, it gives us the strength to never let ourselves be defeated, and when one falls down, everybody stands around and keep fighting to protect what is dearest: nature, family and right to freedom! The beautiful mountain farm where we live is our land, the land that offers us great harvests and that gives us a shelter in this mad world, and everybody who lives under this roof is considered family.
"Huldresagn" is a very special album for us, one that takes inspiration from deep down in the darkness to bring light in the form of melodies, songs that strengthen the spirit and the mind in times of chaos, heartfelt lyrics as pure dedication to loved ones and loved land.

Here are 3 songs from this upcoming CD, "Othala", "Hamingja" and "Lys i Mørket".




Eliwagar "Eliwagar"

New CD out in april 2014!



"Alver og Disir"





New video - "Håleygirland"

From upcoming cd "Gryningen" (out in may 2013)







Eliwagar "Gryningen"


"Gryningen" will come out in a deluxe digipack 6 panels + 20 pages booklet + 2 stickers.


Eliwagar comes with her first album of Pagan Folk Rock after her 4 first cds of Neofolk. Runahild writes herself all melodies and lyrics, and her inspiration comes straight from nature. On "Gryningen" (The Dawn), Runahild plays 3 old traditional norwegian instruments: hardanger fiddle, bowed lyre and langeleik, in addition she plays also flute and cello. The old norwegian instruments gives a deep and strong connection to the norwegian nature and landscape and carry energies from the past and memories of ancient ancestral tunes.

On this cd, her husband Bjørn Dahl plays electric guitar, Roar Ruus Finsås joined to play bass, Wargnar the drums, Nils Ailo Sara Labba, a Sami friend of the band, plays the lead guitar on some songs and Hildr Valkyrie (Greece) is guest singer on 2 songs. Their collaboration brought to Eliwagar good energy and strength. All Runahild's vocals are clear as the lyrics represent the beauty and might of nature, the pure essence of paganism, the countryside lifestyle following the seasons and concentrate on the positive energies... The lyrics represent the hyperborean society such as the ancient Greek described it after meeting this people, a people living above the north wind in the land of the northern light and the midnight sun, living in peace, being strong nature people with a sense of value, artists and spiritual.



"Gryningen" meaning "the dawn" has this deep meaning of a cycle ending and a new one rising... the songs relate to a full year, stories of nature people in the north going through the seasons, through the rising spring, the glorious summer, the falling autumn and the dark winter... and ends on the new rising dawn... celebrate the charm of every season... spring for love and passion, life coming back, awakening nature... summer for harvest, work in the farms and journey on the sea... autumn for the time where families gather at home and prepare for winter... and winter for spirituality, art and for the hunt...

"Gryningen" is a mix of old songs from "Fra Hjertet av Norden" and "Sagn Fra Nordafolkets Land" re-arranged the folk rock way and new compositions.



 First Official Concert for Eliwagar


After 5 years of existence, Eliwagar will be playing its first concert the 21st july 2012 at a norwegian festival "Mytologifestivalen - Alveland".

Here you can find more infos:

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New Eliwagar Video : "Gryningen" (the dawn)


Dedicated to spring, to the loving mother earth awakening to the glorious sun... A wonderful time of the year when everything comes to life again, when nature spread her arms to embrace the warm light of the rising sun, thousand flowers coloring the ground and the trees and the start of the new farming season... May the old Vanir gods bless the land for great coming harvest!







Eliwagar and Hildr Valkyrie - the alliance of two sisters to hail the Nature Deities


For the next cd of Eliwagar which will be a folk metal version of some of the songs both from "Sagn Fra Nordafolkets Land" and "Fra Hjertet av Norden", Eliwagar has the great honor to announce a collaboration with a long time friend and artist Hildr Valkyrie (

Runahild - "It's a real pleasure for me to work together with HV, who has been my very first inspiration to make my own one woman band as well some years ago. Now looking forward to the recording very much :)"

Hildr Valkyrie -“I am more than Proud for recording with my Sister Runahild, this collaboration was a long time wishfulness”




New Eliwagar cd OUT NOW - "Fra Hjertet av Norden"


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Rúnahild - Seidrúnar

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Rúnahild - Seidgaldr

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Eliwagar "I Vølven's Vev"


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Eliwagar "Heidr"

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